fortnite A new Poison Dart Trap is coming to the game –

fortnite A new Poison Dart Trap is coming to the game

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A new Poison Dart Trap is coming to the game, and it harms both enemies and allies alike. There are also new items to forage, including tropical bananas — which, like apples, replenish a bit of health — coconuts, which act like a mini-Slurp Juice, and peppers, which give you a brief boost of speed along with some extra health.

Epic Games has also added a new game mode in the patch called Floor is Lava. One of the most requested game modes in Fortnitehistory, the mode will have the map slowly fill with molten rock until it covers the everything. Near the end of a round, player builds will be the only thing left to stand on.

This patch also adds Arena mode, the first game mode that players will need to compete in to reach the World Cup qualifiers. Arena mode is a ranked mode, with skill based matchmaking, where players will have to score points in their games to advance from division to division. Once players have reached the highest division, Champion League, they’ll unlock the ability to play in the World Cup qualifier tournaments when they go live in April.

With the addition of this new mode, which is only available for solo and duo players, Fortnite’s standard mode is also changing a bit. Regular battle royale is moving away from the competitive settings that Epic v buck generator recently introduced, which gave effective health and materials for eliminations. Those rules will still be around for Arena and Pop-up Cups, but they won’t be in regular matches anymore.

For a full look at all the changes coming to Fortnite in this patch you can check out the change list below.


The Baller no longer applies damage to players on collision.

  • The knockback/bounce effect will remain unchanged.

Future Baller Iterations

  • We’ve noticed a lot of discussion around the Baller, so here’s an update!
  • We’re not satisfied with the current use of Ballers, specifically in the late game. With the v8.30 update, we will release a change that will allow players to shoot through the glass of The Baller.
  • Non-glass parts will still have collision and block damage from bullets.

Siphon/Material Changes

  • In v7.40 we implemented a few Pop-up Cup settings as a test in core modes. After monitoring a combination of gameplay, data, and feedback, we’ve gathered necessary info to conclude this initial test. We feel it has resulted in an unhealthy level of aggressive play, diminishing other viable strategies. The following changes have been reverted in all core modes:

50 Health (or Shield) based on your health when the Elimination occurs.

50/50/50 materials dropped on Elimination.

500/500/500 Cap on materials.

Harvest rate increased by 40%

That said, these mechanics have proven to be positive in our competitive playlists. All changes above remain enabled in the new Arena Game Mode.

Infantry Rifle

  • Converted to hitscan, meaning this weapon no longer fires projectiles (snipers) and now fires the same as other Assault Rifles.
  • Base damage reduced from 45/42 to 42/40.
  • Uses the same damage fall off profile as existing assault rifles.

Poison Dart Trap

  • Available in Uncommon Rarity.
  • Can be placed on walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Found from Floor Loot.
  • Can be triggered up to three grid cells away.
  • Fires Poison Dart projectiles a distance of three horizontal grid cells (four vertical grid cells).
  • Targets hit by darts will receive a damage-over-time effect that applies damage directly to health, bypassing any shields.

10 health damage per tick.

8 total ticks over 7 seconds for a total damage of 80.

Subsequent hits will refresh the duration of the effect, but the amount of damage per tick does not change.

New Foraged Items

  • Bananas

Instantly grant 5 health when consumed.

Can be found in the tropical biome.

  • Coconuts

Foraged by damaging palm trees.

When consumed, Coconuts grant 5 points of effective health over a short time. That means it will replenish shields if the player is at max health.

Can be found in tropical and desert biomes.

  • Peppers

When consumed, peppers instantly grant 5 health and also increase the player’s movement speed by 20% for 10 seconds.

Can be found in the desert biome.

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