Season 8 is expected to go live on Thursday, February 28. –

Season 8 is expected to go live on Thursday, February 28.

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Players of Fortnite have wondered for some time whether the game may introduce an AI boss character of some kind, and a giant serpent would fit that bill neatly.

It’s not unfeasible – the Save the World segment of the game could provide the framework for PvE within Battle Royale, and the game’s worldwide events prove that the Epic’s servers can handle major moving elements that attract the bulk of the playerbase.

Accompanying the latest teaser for Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8 are rhyming lines that indicate players will find something shimmering “within the cave” and that they should be wary of anyone “who arrive[s] on waves”. While the former half of the rhyming lines only offers a vague notion of a shiny object within a cave–perhaps some sort of snaky figure guarding a specific loot chest–the second portion furthers the possible pirate theme by hinting that certain characters being introduced may be prone to sailing the high seas.

Should Epic Games be taking a buccaneer-styled route with the next round of content for Fortnite, then perhaps the studio will could add ships for players to commandeer. free v bucks generator Epic has included apparatuses capable of being driven on land and flown in the air, so a nautically-inclined mode of transportation would finally see the studio covering all bases. The developer did recently confirm that a new vehicle is in the works, but unfortunately, it didn’t offer any concrete details on the matter.

Additionally, one fan theory has speculated that the cracks currently forming in the ground will lead to Fortnite‘s entire map splintering apart to include several smaller islands that players can explore, and ships would definitely facilitate an easier way to travel to them. This, of course, is unconfirmed, but considering the drastic changes which have occurred in the title ever since it went free-to-play back in 2017, the multiple island idea could very well be plausible.

Season 8 is expected to go live on Thursday, February 28.

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